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Optimum roof exhaust trap is designed for sloped roof. It is designed to prevent freezing of the interior trap and its side openings allows an optimal air evacuation in all seasons. This roof exhaust trap allows polluted air evacuation outside from a clothes drier, bathroom fan or range hood. Its structure punched openings eliminates all maintenance needs and prevents rodents and birds from getting inside. Its frontal deflector prevents infiltration that could block the interior trap.
  • Easy-to-install
  • For all types of sloped roof
  • Frontal Deflector
  • Silent trap and maintenance
  • Available in black, brown, grey and others*
Determine exhaust trap emplacement from inside, with a nail at the center of two trusses and at a minimum of 5 feet from a roof edge. Trace, with a chalk, a 5 inches square having the nail in the middle, insuring to have exhaust trap parallel to roof edge. Cut the opening, remove nails from top and sides of the hole that would bother exhaust trap installation. It would be preferable to install a flexible pipe at this point, avoiding to have to do it in the attic in a narrow area. Fix the flexible pipe around exhaust pipe neck et finish by putting a good quality duct tape. Insulate this flexible pipe, protect the insulation with a polythene (vapor barrier) et fix it good to the exhaust pipe neck with a good quality duct tape. Apply Condor Plastic Cement beneath exhaust trap flange. Slide trap under side and top shingles and screw to roof plywood. Lift side and top shingles and fix them to the flashing with Condor Plastic cement. Pay attention not to put plastic cement on exhaust trap gutter, bottom part. Apply Condor plastic Cement to obtain a good waterproof base.
Optimum Roof exhaust trap prevents ice formation on interior trap, eliminating cold air from getting inside the house. Furthermore, its lateral air exhaust sends air from above instead of sending it directly on the roof, so preventing ice formation. Evacuation exhaust being more than 5 ½ inches above the roof prevents its blockage even if there is snow accumulation. Polluted air evacuation is better on the roof than the actual building practice which puts the air exhaust in soffits. With an exit put in soffits, most of the polluted air is going to come back in the attic, forming condensation and can damage to the roof structure or insulation. Even if there is a use of an attic ventilator, this excess of hot air and/or humidity can bring a reduction of effectiveness of this last and cause problems. Don’t forget that soffits are the entrance of cool air in the attic which dispels the polluted air by the Optimum ventilator
Dimensions and special features
Roof Exhaust Trap, OP-C4, OP-C6 and OP-C10










13,3 cm • 5,25”

17,7 cm • 7,75”

33 cm • 13,25”

38,1 cm • 15,25”

Galvanized steel pipe, 4 inches diameter


18,4 cm • 7,25”

17,7 cm • 7,75”

33 cm • 13,25”

38,1 cm • 15,25”

Galvanized steel pipe, 6 inches diameter


27,9 cm • 11,25”

17,7 cm • 7,75”

33 cm • 13,25”

38,1 cm • 15,25”

Galvanized steel pipe,3 ¼ x 10 inches diameter

National building code of Canada requires adequate ventilation for restricted attic space, minimum norm being described in section 9.19.1 or by ACNOR CAN3-A93-M82.

Internal trap is partially cut off to facilitate air evacuation by gravity from the pipe. Ventilator motors of bathroom fan, clothes dryers or range hood can be not powerful enough to open the trap if distance between the two units is more considerable. The trap cut off part will thus allow air evacuation.

The customer shall verify of the suitability of this product for the intended purpose. Applicator's skill, weather and surface conditions being beyond manufacturer's control, we limit our liability to replacement of defective material only in sealed container, within 1 year of proof of purchase. FOB plant. For more details refer to:

Roof Exhaust Trap, OP-C4, OP-C6 and OP-C10
It is necessary to ensure that the base is completely watertight. That all joints on base are well covered by proper products making them completely watertight. Make sure to pass on the original joint located at the base of the flashing
Optimum's ventilator are avalable in :
Black, Grey and Brown
Optimum's ventilator are avalable in : Black, Grey and Brown
Others Optimum's colours available by special orders
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