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Attic ventilator OP-P412 is conceived for flat roofs. Its sophisticated wings design and openings allow optimal attic ventilation. Its ventilator structure punched openings eliminates all maintenance needs and prevents rodents and birds from getting inside. Its anti-gust deflectors prevents bad weather infiltration from any directions. This model can easily replace 3 conventional gooseneck vents. OP-P412 Ventilator allows an advantageous cooler attic in summer and dryer in winter, extending structural integrity, adding superior interior comfort, creating also energy savings. This static ventilator offers a superior air aspiration and, with the help of wind, produces a chimney effect. Air is continuously exchanged. To determine roof surface that Ventilator OP-P412 can cover, the air space between roof and insulation is required. It is more the opening of the wooden box that will determine, with the ventilator, the net free air evacuation.
Determine ventilator’s emplacement at the center of two trusses and at 4 feet from roof a low wall. Trace, with a chalk, a 12”X12” square for the flashing, insuring to have flashing parallel to roof edge. Cut the opening, remove any obstruction around the hole that would bother ventilator’s installation. Install wooden base over the opening. Nail or screw the wooden based on the roof deck. Install roof membrane, in accordance with good building practice, until the top of the wooden base. To choose the right ventilator dimensions, it is important to consider the wooden base combined with both side membrane thickness. Slide ventilator over the wooden base. Make sure that the first ventilator wing is 6 inches above parapet height. Screw ventilator on the high end of the wooden base insuring that it is level. It is important that all ventilators heads are positioned at the same height and that they are of the same model.
Ventilation is required by Canada’s building code. The issue remains in the fact of keeping a fresh attic. Ideally, attic temperature would be, a few degree close, similar to exterior temperature. In summer, using an Optimum ventilator allows heat elimination from the attic. This heat radiates inside and warms up the house. It can also create seepage problems, warp coatings or curl asphalt shingles. Thereby, an air conditioner must work continuously to cool down living areas. In wintertime, interior house air is warmer and contains more vapor pressure, in opposition to the dry and cold attic air. Vapor will have a tendency to migrate to the attic and condensate on cold building structure pieces. This condensation can humidify and compress isolation reducing at the same time the isolation factor and allowing more vapor migration. This humidity leads to ice formation on the roof, mildew and rot of the structure.
Dimensions and special features
4 Wing flat roof attic ventilator

The ventilator structure is designed galvanized steel. It covered with baked powder paint.











30,4 cm • 12”

49,5 cm • 19,5”

25,4 cm • 10”

27,9 cm • 11”

0,09 m² • 144 in.²


22 - 24 & 26


35,6 cm • 14”

54,6 cm • 21,5”

25,4 cm • 10”

34,3 cm • 13,5"

0,12 m² • 196 in.²


22 - 24 & 26


40,6 cm • 16”

59,6 cm • 23,5”

31,7 cm • 12,5”

40 cm • 15,75”

0,16 m² • 256 in.²


22 - 24 & 26


45,7 cm • 18”

64,7 cm • 25,5”

31,7 cm • 12,5”

42,5 cm • 16,75”

0,20 m² • 324 in.²


22 - 24 & 26


50,8 cm • 20”

69,8 cm • 27,5”

37,5 cm • 14,75”

41,3 cm • 16,25”

0,26 m² • 400 in.²


22 & 24


55,8 cm • 22”

74,9 cm • 29,5”

37,5 cm • 14,75”

42,5 cm • 16,75”

0,31 m² • 484 in.²


22 & 24


60,9 cm • 24”

80 cm • 31,5”

43,8 cm • 17,25”

43,2 cm • 17”

0,37 m² • 576 in.²


22 & 24

  • Models OP-P412 to OP-P724 are available with filter if needed.
  • Models OP-P414, OP-P516, OP-P518, OP-P620, OP-P622 and OP-P724 are available on special orders only.
  • We can manufacture other dimension on request.
  • There are other color choice available, see our website.

The exhaust area based on air evacuation ratio.

The customer shall verify of the suitability of this product for the intended purpose. Applicator's skill, weather and surface conditions being beyond manufacturer's control, we limit our liability to replacement of defective material only in sealed container, within 1 year of proof of purchase. FOB plant. For more details refer to:http://www.condor.pro/optimum/Warranty_Optimum.pdf

4 Wing flat roof attic ventilator
The national building code requires adequate ventilation of the attic, according to the minimum standard of Section 9.19.1 or according to CSA CAN3-A93-M82.
Optimum's ventilator are avalable in :
Black, Grey, Brown and White
Optimum's ventilator are avalable in : Black, Grey, Brown and White
Others Optimum's colours available by special orders
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