Our company

We are proud to have become one of Quebec’s leading companies specializing in asphalt derivatives. Over the years, we have developed a range of specialized products that meet customer needs and climate requirements. Our multidisciplinary team of dedicated and competent people has acquired the necessary experience in each of the strategic areas to achieve the objectives set. Our team knows all the basics related to these fields and can therefore create a superior quality product.

Our products can be found in major hardware stores, renovation centres, building material wholesalers and specialized centres.


Our beautiful family history for Condor Chemicals begins in June 1995. Mr. Louis-Aimé Lepage is the founder of this company. With his vision as a businessman, the first factory was built at the Centre-du-Québec in St-Cyrille-de-Wendover. At this time, the company has 10 employees to develop products ranging from contact glue to rustproofing.

Still with the objective of offering a wide range of products, it was in 2004 that the acquisition of the family business Les produits Thiroco was made, which was at that time more than 80 years old. Faced with the ever growing demand, the company had to move to a larger building in Montreal in the borough of Anjou. It was a very motivating and rewarding acquisition for the entire team. In 2006, the acquisition of the company “Produit Asphaltique du Québec” PAQCO of St-Cyrille-de-Wendover is made to complete the product range for coatings and adhesives. It was in 2007, with the objective of meeting market needs, that the production of concrete and glue mortar products began under the Eagle Black trademark.

In 2010, the company innovated in the field of ventilation with the acquisition of the company Ventilation Optimum. The development of new technologies quickly positioned the company among buyers. Optimum is therefore moving to Drummondville in a building that will quickly be expanded to meet demand. Three years later, space is not enough anymore. The company had to completely revise its production line to establish manufacturing in two locations. To facilitate the logistics surrounding orders, all products are now gathered at the distribution center located in St-Eugène de Grantham since 2016. Today, the family business offers more than 750 products manufactured and distributed across Canada. The second generation gradually joins the management team. The employees work day after day to offer customers Quebec products, high quality products that meet the requirements of the market.


At Condor Chemicals our mission is to manufacture high-quality construction materials that meet the requirements of the consumer and professional market.


We honour this mission by adopting the following values:

  • Respect
  • Team work
  • Quality
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Innovation