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Plastic cement – Winter grade CR-20W

The CR20W is a winter grade plastic cement specially designed to maintain an easy trowel application during colder periods. This multi-purpose product is used to stick asphalt shingles, to seal cracks and holes on foundations and on asphalt roofs. It also seals chimney, vent and shingle flashings.

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  • Multipurpose
  • Easier application at low temperature
  • Designed for the North American climate
  • Vertical and horizontal application
  • Excellent adhesion on any types of dry surface
  • Resists perfectly to temperature variations




Stick / Repair / Seal

Building components

Roofing / Foundation


Asphalt shingle / Concrete / Metal / Wood

Covering rate

0,32 m2/kg applied 3 mm thick (1,56 ft2/lbs applied 1/8'' thick)



Preparation / Application

Application temperature

Low temperature, a temperate product is easier to apply.

Service temperature

-40°C to 85°C

Application tools

Putty knife / Trowel / Glove

Surface preparation

Surfaces must be clean and free of dust, dirt or other contaminants.


During colder periods, keep the product in a temperate place to facilitate its application. Do not apply if rain is expected. To repair joints and cracks, firmly apply enough product in depth to fill all the cavities and close the gaps. Apply the product in a slight excess above the surface to avoid water accumulation. To glue back shingles, apply only 3 dots about 25mm (1 ") spread evenly over the shingle. Close the container after each use.


Allow about 4h for surface drying and about 48h for complete drying. The drying time depends on the application method, the ambient temperature, the surface and the thickness applied.

Caution / Cleaning / Storage

Restriction / Caution

Keep out of the reach of children. If the product is applied near a ventilation or air conditioning unit, take the necessary precautions to prevent infiltration of solvent odours toward the inside. Keep all open container or freshly applied product away from open flames, sparks or other sources of heat. For outdoor use only.


Mineral spirits


The product may be kept in its original sealed container up to 12 months after the date of purchase by the user.

Available format

13,6kg / 20kg


5 years limited warranty when installed and / or applied as recommended by the manufacturer. We will replace the product with a manufacturing defect. Under no circumstances will the manufacturer be liable for any amount exceeding the purchase price of the product used. The consumer must ensure that this product is suitable for the intended use. Because of atmospheric conditions, applicator competence and surface conditions being independent of the manufacturer’s control, we limit our liability for one year following the date of purchase, with proof of purchase, to the replacement of defective material only in its original hermetic container. Port paid factory (FAB factory).