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Amber Sealflex

The rustproofing Seaflex Amber is a product formulated with active ingredients to protect cars against rust. Composed of corrosion inhibitors, it protects metal surfaces constantly exposed to moisture and water. Its gelatinous consistency makes it easy to apply by dispersing the product in the tiny places where water could accumulate. A flexible and translucent barrier is created and the product stays in place without ever flowing down. Its fruity smell makes its use pleasant. The rustproofing Amber Sealflex is primarily used on areas where aestheticism is important. It provides effective protection for up to 2 years.

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  • Very aesthetic finish
  • Stay in place without ever flowing down
  • Pleasant smell of fruit
  • Does not attack paint or rubber trimmings
  • Do not crack and always stay flexible




Protection against rust

Application fields

Automobile / Industrial Application / Agricultural Application


Metal / Parts more aesthetic: Doors, Hood, Trunk lid, Recesses

Covering rate

2 m2/L layer of 1/32 in


Amber gel

Preparation / Application

Application temperature

10°C and more

Service temperature

Max 85°C

Application tools

Spray gun / Paint brush

Surface preparation

Degrease and remove all dirt by alkaline or high pressure cleaning with a suitable detergent. Eliminate any moisture, rust, or other materials that could prevent the product's effectiveness.


Ideally, keep the product in a temperate place. Stir well before application. Following cleaning and thorough drying, apply the product in a thin layer at least 5 mils thick using a spray or brush. Use the necessary safety precautions for personal protection and cleanliness of the place of application. The product dries in 5 hours depending on the weather conditions.


Allow about 5 hours for surface drying. The drying time depends on the application method, the ambient temperature and the surface.

Caution / Cleaning / Storage

Restriction / Caution

Avoid using this product where the smell of solvents may affect food or other products that may be affected. Never apply to fiberglass that has not been pre-coated with a factory primer.


Mineral spirits


The product should be stored away from the sun to prevent premature oxidation of the product. It can be kept in its original sealed container until 12 months after the date of purchase by the user.

Available format

4L / 18,9L / 58L / 205L


The customer must ensure that this product is suitable for the intended purpose. Atmospheric conditions, applicator’s skills and surface conditions being beyond the manufacturer’s control, we limit our liability for one year following the date of purchase, with proof of purchase, to replacement of defective material only in its original hermetic container. Port paid plant (FOB plant).